About Us

James Allen, Owner and Operator, has been involved with aviation for 25 years. He founded Allens Aero in 1990 as an alternative source for finding new and used parts to help maintain aging and existing fleets. Allens Aero is a dependable source for your aviation parts and services, and now also offers a large variety of aviation collectables. We provide mobile aircraft repair, inspections, pre buys, and annuals, as well as specializing in Mooney aircraft.
As a professional mechanic, inspector, and pilot for over two decades, Mr. Allen is looking to expand his services, while maintaining a customer friendly environment. He offers several viable options to assist his clients in reaching their desired result. Mr. Allen is fully certified as an A & P with an IA. He has worked on gliders, BBJs, and a wide range of planes for many years. James Allen has lived in the area since 1979, and is a fully functional mechanic who knows aviation parts!
Allens Aero uses top of the line services to track down new and used parts and is a dependable  source for these parts in North Eastern California. From overhauled and repaired parts, to a wide variety of products and services, Allens Aero is there to help you with your aircraft needs and concerns.

From NS, Used, OH, and RP parts and services, we will be there to assist you as best as possible. Contact us today.

Allens Aero
464-775 Main Street
Janesville, CA 96114

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