In existence since 1990, Allens Aero continues to be your source for aviation supplies, tools, and collectables. We provide used, repaired, or new parts for a variety of aircrafts. We have been
buying, selling, and trading in aviation and military collectable since 1978. We have collector supplies, tools for aircraft mechanics, and of course collectables covering general, military, and commercial aviation.

Allens Aero is based on the West Coast, while most in this line of work are centered in the East Coast. This gives our local and regional customers a feeling of assurance and reliability. They no longer need to order or obtain parts from major centers on the East Coast. Allens Aero, though smaller, offers those same products, parts, services, and lower prices, within a closer proximity. So whether you are a fleet owner, an aviation mechanic, or a shop trying to beat the rising cost of aircraft parts, choose Allens Aero today and keep your fleet flying!

Contact Allens Aero today and let us help you with your aviation parts and collections.

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